Our Services

At TerrTech we hold all the technical certifications you expect from computer experts.

And we're proud of our professional working relationships with the following companies, AMD/ATI, ASUS, ESET, EVGA, Intel, Lenovo, Microsoft, Nvidia, S.O.S., T.I.M.

Overall System Repair / Maintenance:

Network, independent Laptop or PC in trouble?  Need expert help?  As CompTIA Certified Professionals there are no questions that we are the right people to place the responsibility on to get you back in order and our monitoring service to make sure you stay there.  Take advantage of our Remote Support to get you back in working order.  With an extra level of care and attention to detail you can be sure our open and honest approach is the right first step towards revitalizing your computer systems performance.

Virus/Malware Removal Specialists:

We know it is never an ideal scenario when you realize your computer or network is infected.  Although, we all know this happens sometimes.   When you find it has be sure you contact us and have us rectify the problem and help you implement a game plan to protect yourself from downtime due to another occurrence in the future.  This game plan includes our monitoring service that sits as a downloaded product on your computer that will help you indicate when you have an issue and make it really easy to get in touch.  This monitoring will also keep us in the loop to provide us a history and the best understanding.  As experienced technicians we are happy to say that we have the cure for any ailment.

Data Recovery of Hardware and Flash Media:

We realize the biggest question you have on your mind when your computer crashes or becomes infected with a virus is 'What about my information, files, or data?'.  From our experience the best thing for you to do is stop what you are doing and contact us.  If you are a Remote Support client then click on support and consult us right away.  This applies to your computers storage and any of your other storage devices including flash drives and SD Cards (Camera Cards also). In order to preserve the most words you can on a burning piece of paper the best thing to do is to put out the fire first.